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Vinyl Swing Set Imagination Station IH68-3

Vinyl Swing Set Imagination Station H68-9

SKU: IH68-3

Imagination Station  H68-3

Amish Built Vinyl Swing Set


The entire neighborhood can join in the fun with this play set that has everything. A playhouse and two forts offer hours of imaginary playtime. A rope bridge and plastic tunnel allow children to move safely throughout the set and a bubble window provides an entertaining view of the world. Children can choose from three sliding options as well as four swings including seesaw and trapeze features. There are safety ladders strategically located throughout the set along with a rope bridge and climbing platform.


Features -

  • Tower 1: 6’x 5′ Playhouse on 6’x 8’Deck, 5′ Deck Height
  • Tower 2: Busy Basecamp: 5’x 5′, 5′ Deck Height
  • Vinyl Roof
  • Tower 3: Discovery Depot: 5’x 10′ Split Level 5′ & 7′ Deck Heights
  • Vinyl Roof
  • Entrance Ladder
  • Grand Stairway
  • 7′ Rock Wall
  • Gangplank
  • Crawl Tube
  • Bridge
  • 4-Position Single Beam
  • Space Saver Monkey Bar
  • 2 Belt Swings
  • Trapeze
  • Plastic Glider with Single Beam Adapter
  • Ripple Rush Slide
  • Extreme Ripple Rush Slide
  • Super Spiral Slide
  • Bubble Panel


If you would prefer to swap out an option or to add an option, let us know! We can customize this to fit your needs. 

  • Space RequirementsSpace Requirements 13' x 28' pl

    Space Requirements 13' x 28' plus 6' all the way around.

  • Delivery and Installation

    We offer FREE Delivery and Installation if you are with in 50 miles of Leavenworth, Ks or any other AWP dealer. 

    You can purchase one of our vinyl playsets from our sales lot, our warehouse, or custom design yours and get it straight from the factory in Pennsylvania. 

    If you purchase a play set off of our sales lot, you must have a way to get the tower into your yard.  If it is not wide enough to accommodate the tower assembled we would need to order you one from either the warehosite or the factory. Other wise you will incure labor charges for disassembling and reassembling. 

    Standard lead times vary depending on where it is coming from:

    • Off the sales lot in Leavenworth - 2 weeks
    • Warehouse - 2 weeks
    • Factory - 4 weeks

    Lead times can vary depending on the season, time of year and availability. 


  • Rent to Own

    We do offer rent to own on our play sets!

    Deposits are typically the first months rent. 

    You can do rent to own up to 36 months, there are no early pay off penalties so you can pay it off when you are ready. 

    It does cost more in the end if you choose rent to own, however there are no strings attached. If you decide you no longer want the playset you have the option of turning it back in. 


  • Shipping Nation Wide

    We can ship these anyhere in the continental US. Freight would be added to your purchase and Installation would would be done by yourself or a someone you hire. 

    Please call us at 913-426-2957 if you are wanting to get a shipping cost.

  • Mulch and Edging

    Currently Adventure World is unable to provide mulch to our service area. However I will help you find a local company that can help you. 

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