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Portable Building Payment Options

cash or check

Your choice, what ever is convenient for you. 

credit cards

Backyard Portable Buildings takes care of the processing fees for you!

rent to own

No Credit Checks -

No Early Pay Off Penalties!

Everyone is Approved

traditional financing

We use a local bank to help you finance your shed at the best rates. 

We offer purchasing options to fit any budget or credit status.

Cash Purchases do require half down when you place your order and the other down when your building is delivered.  

Checks can be personal, business or from your bank. They must be written to Backyard Portable Buildings for half the amount down to place your order.  Upon delivery you may pay the remaining balance with a check.  All returned checks do face fee's determined by Backyard Portable Buildings.

We accept credit cards/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express). We do not charge a credit card fee's when you place your order, however there is a non negotiable or non refundable 3% charge back fee if you use a credit or debit card and cancel your order once the payment has been processed. *Please see the cancelation policy below.

Traditional Financing can be done here locally through Mutual Savings Association.  We have worked with them to secure financing for many customers at better rates than offered by Shed Financing Companies.  We are happy to give you the contact information so you can apply.  Please give us a call.  Other options our customers have is by seeking personal financing through their local bank or credit union. Credit Unions like Frontier and Community America have proven to be beneficial lenders for our sheds, too.

rent to own storage sheds Kansas City

Rent to Own is not for everyone, if you are not wanting it to be put on your credit report or you don’t want to wait until you have saved enough money and need to purchase a shed, this option may be for you!  It does cost more in the end if you choose RTO instead of financing, however you always have the option to pay it off early with out penalty (along with any remaining sales tax).  This is how it works.  ​ The rental fee is built into the monthly payments for you. The lease is a 30 day rolling lease, it automatically renews every month to the end of the term you choose. Length of terms can be 36 months, 48 months, or 60 months. The longer the term the higher the rent.  If you do a rent to own for the full length of the lease you request the rent to principal in the payment is broken down for you below.  36 months 60% Principal / 40% Rent 48 months 50% Principal / 50% Rent 60 months 45% Principal / 55% Rent You only pay the rental fees on the monthly payments, if you plan on paying it off early you will be able to save. ​ ​​ We only require a security deposit - down payment to get you a building ordered and delivered. Your first months rent is due in 30 days from the time you sign your lease. Deposits are based on size and options.  ​ 8' & 10' Wide Buildings (Base Models)  - $100 12'' Wide Buildings (Base Models)  -  $200 14' & 16' Wide Buildings (Base Models)  - $1,000 16x50 Buildings (Base Models) - $1,500 Any Buildings that have Insulation, Electrical and Lining will require  25% of the cost of building down If you are adding  just Insulation, Electrical or Lining you would pay for that cost out of pocket along with your deposit.

credit cards
cash or check
rent to own

Let us know how we can help you!

1902 Spruce St. 

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