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Livestock Shed & Chicken Coops

Livestock Shed & Chicken Coops

SKU: Animal Shelters Upgrades

Livestock Sheds can be built with NO Tack / Storage room. 

Gates can also be added to a livestock shed. $250

Roll up doors to a livestock shed to use for ATV parking, lawnmower storage.  $775

Dutch Doors and walls are another option you can add to the livetock shed. 


Chicken coop packages (6 nesting boxes, roost, and chicken door / ramp) can be added to any of our sheds.  Price is $375

You can also upgrade to heavy duty wire in your coop if it has a yard. Price is $275


Some customers need a chicken coop and a livestock shed! You can convert the storage room on the livetock shed to a coop by adding the chicken coop package to it.  Problem solved with one building!



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