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Busy Base Camp B44-6

Busy Base Camp B44-6

SKU: B44-6

Have you been looking for a high quality, heavy duty, safe, maintenance free swing set? 

The Busy Base Camp Vinyl swing set package comes standard with an high quality wavy slide.  The swings  have soft rubber cylindrical grips with chains deep inside, so fingers don't get pinched or burned from the summer heat. The rock wall is equipped with a thick heavy duty rope to hang on to and helps your child gain upper body strength while getting up into the covered tower.  There is no fabric on the tower canopy, you don't have to worry about the sun or wind damaging it because it is poly-lumber!  The frame is all wooden and is covered in vinyl sleeves that you will never have to paint or stain.  The vinyl also protects little hands and feet from ever getting splinters! Best of All - Adventure World Play Sets are made right here in America by Amish Craftsman. 

You can customize your options for The Busy Base Camp if these options on B44-6 don't fit your needs. 


Standard Features -

  • Tower 4'x 4' w/ 5' Deck Height with Vinyl Roof
  • Entrance Ladder 5'
  • Rock Wall
  • 3 - Position Sigle Beam
  • 2 - Belt Swings
  • Trapeze
  • Wonder Wave Slide
  • Free Option of Binoculars, Pirate Ship Wheel, or Megaphone. 


Space Requirements 15' x 18' plus 6' all the way around.

  • Rent to Own

    We offer NO Credit Check Rent to Own on all of our play sets!

    Everyone is approved and there are no early pay off penalties!

    36 month lease at $219.17/mo plus tax. 

  • Delivery and Installation

    Free Delivery and Installation is available in our territory 250 miles of any of our warehouses.

    Warehouse locations are :

    • Tulsa, OK
    • Amarillo, TX
    • Texarkana, TX
    • Houston, TX

    Please contact us for more information or to see if your location can be serviced. We are happy to help you!

    We can also deliver to you directly and you can install it your self, or we can install it for an extra cost. 

  • Payment Methods

    You can purchase a new play set online by contacting me directly. We can do the all of the paper work and payment online through our portal. Please let us know how we can help you best. 

    We can accept : 

    • Checks
    • Credit / Debit Cards 
    • Cash if you are local
  • Guarantee & Warranty

    Adventure World Play Set's Guarantee

    As parents ourselves, we wanted a warranty that is simple, easy to understand, and protects the purchaser. We felt our warranty should reflect our confidence in the high-quality swing set that we offer. That is why we came up with our industry- leading warranty.

    Adventure World Play Set's Warranty

    Adventure World Play Sets warrants to the original owner at the installation address a Limited 20 Year Warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials affecting the structural integrity of the playground systems, such as the vinyl, poly lumber and wood components. Slides, swings, and accessories are covered by a Limited 5 Year Warranty from date of original purchase.


    No questions asked! If anything on your swing set breaks, fades, or affects the integrity of the swing set, we will send a crew out (within 200 miles of any of our warehouses) to fix the issue. The only exception is willful damage, normal wear and tear, or an act of God. If you are located farther than 200 miles from our closest warehouse, we will ship the part to the closest dealer or directly to your house.


    Your swings, slides and accessories are guaranteed against manufacturer defects. We will send the part to the closest dealer in your area. If you don’t live close to a dealer, pay for the shipping, and the part will arrive at your house.


    Your swing set frame is guaranteed against manufacturer defects. We will send the part to your closest dealer. If you don’t live close to a dealer, pay for the shipping, and the part will arrive at your house..


  • Safety & Quality Features

    Safely Features

    • Vinyl creates a safe, smooth surface that is splinter-free without surface cracks, checks or knotty appearance.
    • Entrance ladders come standard with non-slip steps and safety rails.
    • Rubber-coated swing chains provide a soft, pinch-free grip for kids swing sets.
    • Wood-grain texture on decking and rock walls increases traction.
    • No shortcuts by using exposed wood on decking underside that risks splinters and cuts from cracks in wood; our playsets feature vinyl covering throughout.
    • Heavy-duty swing hangers feature spring clip for easy height adjustment and swing change.
    • Two ground anchors included with each swing beam.
    • No overhead climbers with swings attached.
    • Safety rails included on all entrance ladders.

    Quality Features

    • Use of pressure-treated lumber (rather than untreated wood which is susceptible to rotting in a few years) covered with vinyl combines the strength of wood with the easy care of vinyl. Vinyl covering also resists wood boring insects and bees.
    • Use of heavy-duty walled vinyl adds strength, is fade resistant and is easy to clean; occasional rinsing is all you need to keep your play set looking great.
    • Powder-coated brackets resist peeling and rusting.
    • Stainless steel bolts and chains will not rust.
    • Heavy-duty corner construction is through bolted with two steel angles; we do not use wood lags, which connect by being driven only half way into the beams.
    • Long-lasting poly-lumber roofs instead of canvas because they resist high winds.
    • Durable structural parts and sturdy construction create stable play sets that won’t tip in high winds or as children swing.
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