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30x50x16 carport 3 sides

 Metal Carports

All Galvanzed Steel Frame Systems
10' wide up to 60' wide 


18x30x12 standard carport



Economical & Functional 

Horizontal Roof Panels

6"Overhang on the ends

Up to 30' Long

10' to 30' Wide

20x30x8 boxed eave roof carport

A Framed


A Frame 

Horizontal Roof Panels

6"Overhang on the ends

Up to 30' Long

10' to 30' Wide

vertical roof carport



A Frame with Hat Channel

Vertical Roof Panels

Drip Edge on Eaves

Can go as long as you need

10' to 60' Wide


40x60 carport with 3 sides and gable end

Gable Ends

Covers Trusses & Bows

Gable Ends provide structural support and a partial weather break. It adds a clean finished look and can also be extended for more coverage. Gable ends can have the sheet metal run horizontal or vertical and can also be any color. 

12x20x12 Carport with panel_edited.jpg

Partial Sides

Weather Break

Metal Sheet Panels can be added in 3' increments down the sides and ends. This provides weather protection while allowing the wind to be able to blow through the bottom. 

30x30x8 Vertical Carports with sides enclosed_edited.jpg

Enclosed Sides

Covers Side Walls

Enclosed sides can be horizontal or vertical siding. You can choose to enclose one or both. The full length of the side wall is enclosed to prevent any rain, snow or sleet from blowing in on your vehicle or farm equipment.

Grainy Texture

Installation Surface & Anchors

concrete driveway for carport



Concrete is the best choice for your carport. It provides a solid foundation that won't shift.  Minimum depth of footers should be 12", some jurisdiction enforce to the frost line. The floor minimum should be 4". Concrete sleeve anchors will be used to anchor the base rail to the concrete.

asphalt driveway for carport



Carports can be installed on asphalt, too. The minimum depth of 4" is recommended. The base rail is anchored with asphalt anchors and rebar. Asphalt anchors are drilled down 30" into the ground and bolted to the base rail. The rebar is driven into the ground through the base rail and provides extra support.  

gravel driveway for carport



Large gravel with Limestone is recommended for gravel bases. It should be 3"- 4" deep and stamped down. The anchors used are closer to a mobile home anchor and are drilled down into the ground about 30" and then bolted to the base rail.  Rebar is also driven through the base rail into the ground for extra support.


Metal building 3D Creator

Design the building of your dreams and get a live quote as you create it.

Save your progress and come back and make changes anytime!

Submit it when you are ready for an official quote or are ready to place your order!

SEE IT IN YOUR SPACE  you can place your design right on your pad, lot or driveway and see what it looks like. 

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